Principle & Vision

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Management Philosophy
Creating new values in life and dreaming of a better future for our customers
“Respected & Value No. 1 GS”
Attainment of top group status, Acquisition of future growth engines, Becoming the most admired company
Common Values
Customer Satisfaction, Life solution, Rewarding Workplace, Respect, Passion&Energy
Management Philosophy & Vision
The vision of GS implies a rock solid value-leading company respected by everyone, possessed with a respected management, fostered on customer trust, and efficient networks of globalization and recognized as the best in continuous value growth.
It also implies that GS will gain high premiums in the market by acquiring the organizational and management abilities required for continuous growth. We steadily increase our corporate value by creating excellent business results with a balance of growth and profits, while our affiliated companies become firmly established as leaders in their respective industry.
To obtain unparalleled results is the goal of GS and is the true image of the Value No. 1 GS Respected by Everyone. To attain capabilities for continuous growth, GS will pursue a flexible organizational culture that focuses on creativity and the spirit of challenge and is oriented to the market and our customers.
Attainment of the Top5 Group Status, Acquisition of Future Growth Engines, Becoming the most admired company
As the mid- and long-term objectives for the vision of “Respected & Value No. 1 GS”, GS chose to attain the status of a top group, acquire the future growth engines, and achieve the most preferred company status.

First of all, to attain the status of a top group, GS is striving for qualitative growth centered on profits. To acquire the future growth engines, GS plans to secure growth base for creating synergy, to develop new business and to expand global business.

The most important challenge for the continuous growth is to become a corporate citizen most affected and respected by customers and society. With this in mind, GS aims to achieve the most preferred company status with a stellar corporate image that the highest number of talented job seekers will be sure to seek out.

Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction
This is the highest value, the ultimate mission and the reason for GS's existence.
We build win-win relationships with all our stakeholders based on mutual consideration and respect. We will become a trusted corporate citizen through transparent management and contributions to the society.
Life Solution
Life Solution
GS will be the leader of life solutions that improve values in life by providing products and services that add convenience, comfort and fun to the life of our customers. 
Passion & Vitality
Passion & Energy
We create a dynamic organizational culture filled with passion and energy to think creatively, pursue dreams, and achieve excellent results.
Rewarding Workplace
We believe that employees who are satisfied and confident can provide the best service to our customers. Therefore, we provide our employees with many opportunities and environment to realize their dreams.