“We strive for our customers, for our talented employees, to continuously grow together with them”
By always putting the customer first, GS has grown from Korea into becoming a renowned global company, based on its management philosophy of ‘Dreaming of tomorrow with customers and creating a new value in our lives'.
Now, GS will focus its efforts to nurture talents with digital and global capabilities, to prepare for the future and to upgrade its business structure by rapidly implementing digital transformation.
By doing so, GS will look to become a ‘partner in life’ with customer satisfaction as its primary mission, continue to be ‘a rewarding workplace to realize the dreams and ideals’ for its employees, and be ‘a trusted company that can always cooperate with partners’ at all times. We continue to be socially responsible, through our transparent management and contributions to the economic development of the regions we are active in.
Through continuous innovation, GS promises to be a company that quickly adapts to the changes in the environment, is always loved by its customers, attracts great talent and continuously grows.
Thank you.
GS Chairman Tae-Soo Huh