GS Global

PLS GS Entec
CEO Tae-hyeong Kim
Address GS Tower, 508, Nonhyeon-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Tel. +82 2 2005 5300
CEO Tae-hyeong Kim
Address GS Tower, 508, Nonhyeon-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Tel. +82 2 2005 5300


Since we changed company’s name from Ssangyong to GS Global in Jul. 2009, GS Global officially incorporated into GS Group. GS Global was established in the name of Kumsung Industry Corporation as a professional import and export company and designated Korea’s second general trading company in 1975. GS Global has been contributing to domestic economic growth through expanding exports. And, based on the numerous bases in overseas, we have been doing business activities including import and export, cross trade and logistics service dealing with various products such as steels and metals, petrochemicals, cements, mechanics, facilities and bituminous coals.
GS Global has been expanding existing business and leading GS Group’s global business as well. At the same time, we strive to grow to be a leader developing new business of future growth.


  • Selected as level 3 coal wharf project implementer of Dong-hae port
  • GS Global acquired shares of BSSR, one of the largest coal mining companies in Indonesia, and obtained the off-take right to secure BSSR coal.
  • GS Global will diversify its coal trading portfolio through various types of business models.
  • Expanded value chain of logistics by providing differentiated services of development and operation of Pyeontaek Port and Dangjin Port and engaging various new businesses
  • As a part of strategies of business diversification, expanded the business of overseas resources development by acquiring shares of the ‘Nemaha Oil Field Development Project
  • Established China Suzhou Steel Service Center as a new platform of steel business
  • Established jointly with Union Steel the coil center focused on India’s home appliances
  • Expanded value chain to sustainable development through these investment
  • As a part of securing new growth engine, acquired GS Entec which manufactures chemical mechanics and generator facilities
  • By entering into the manufacturing business, set a stable portfolio of heavy industry and manufacturing including trading business
  • Renamed to GS Global and incorporated into GS Group as a subsidiary
  • Maintained management system and re-created company culture by adopting ERP system and engaging in strengthening continuously ability of the organization
  • As a part of strategies of business diversification, opened Korea’s first largest logistics center for imported automobiles in Incheon North Port
  • Won the USD 2 billion Export Tower Award
  • Started development of overseas resources along with exportation as a general trading company
  • Supplied coals from China, Indonesia, Russia, and Australia to domestic market
  • Built the network of cement by investing in equipment for constructing distribution base within Japan
  • Supplied quality cement to Japanese market by building and operating many cement silos in Japan
  • Became a leader in developing Chinese market by recognizing the potentiality of Chinese market then opened Hong Kong branch(1982), Peking office(1991), Guangzhou office(1992), Shanghai/ Dalian office(1993)
  • Designated Korea’s second general trading company according to the government’s policy of adopting the system of general trading company and contributed to economic development by expanding exportation