Customer Satisfaction is Our Top Priority
GS is doing our utmost to become the “Value No.1 GS”
With customer satisfaction as our mission, GS aims to become a partner in life for our customers, a rewarding workplace where employees can realize their dreams and goals, and a corporate citizen recognized for our transparency and outstanding results. Also, we strive to create the highest value for our shareholders based on the trust and affection of all interested parties.
As a leader in the field of energy, retail, construction and service, GS has set the vision of “Value No.1 GS” on the basis of the management philosophy of “Creating new values in life and dreaming of a better future for our customers” and the shared values of Customer Satisfaction, Life Solution, Rewarding Workplace, Respect, Passion and Energy. With this goal, all the employees shall act as guides to enhance people’s lives by providing products and services that are comfortable and convenient.
GS Tower
Efforts to Strengthen Global Competitiveness
GS announced its official launching with the proclamation ceremony of the “CI and Management Philosophy” on Mar. 31, 2005. More than 13 years has passed and now, GS is moving forward to become a 100-year company. GS has constantly grown by focusing on our core competencies in the energy, retail and construction businesses as well as developing new growth engines and expanding our global businesses. In addition to notable increase in size, GS has been transformed into one of Korea’s representative exporting companies with exports accounting for more than one half of our total sales, as a result of continuous efforts to become a global company.
Growth based on public trust
GS is comprised of GS Holdings and various subsidiaries and affiliates including GS Energy, GS Caltex, GS Retail, GS SHOP, GS EPS, GS Global, GS E&R, GS Sports and GS E&C. GS is the 7th largest business group in Korea in terms of assets.
GS will continue to take the lead in ethics management and compliance in a transparent and fair manner.
Business Areas
Heart of Sustainable Growth Energy/Power
∙  GS Energy
∙  GS Caltex
∙  GS E&R
With its official launch, GS has focused its competencies on the energy sector, which is the largest part of the GS portfolio.

Thanks to GS Caltex's facility upgrading and expansion as well as advancement into overseas markets, GS's exporting business has grown substantially.

GS EPS and GS E&R are generating and supplying power using natural resources such as gas and wind power. They are growing into world-class power companies by engaging in new power business.

Lifeline of Growth engine Distribution Trade
∙  GS Retail
∙  GS Global
The retail sector including GS Retail and GS SHOP is a major part of GS's growth engine. Since its beginning, GS has concentrated on expanding the infrastructure for these businesses.

With the launch of GS Global, GS established a platform for initiating new businesses and developing overseas businesses.

Backbone of Top Tier Company Construction/Service
∙  GS E&C
∙  GS Sports
GS E&C has developed into a world-class construction company with its excellent construction capability and engineering technology. GS E&C has actively pursued businesses overseas.

GS Sports operates FC Seoul and the GS Caltex Kixx Women’s Volleyball Team. GS Sports has established fields covered with artificial turf throughout Seoul and runs youth soccer classes. With these efforts, GS is contributing to the development of Korean professional sports.