With taking the long View, GS grows the seed of dream and hope
In March 2005, after a successful partnership with LG, GS announced the official start as a group of companies specializing in energy, distribution, and construction. Since then, GS has been persevering to become a global company extending its limits beyond Korea and onto the stage.
GS always places top priority on our customers with the management philosophy of Creating New Values in Life and Dreaming of a Better Future for our Customers. GS is moving forward without hesitation to become a company that treats customers like family. We look for a bright and powerful future with our customers to create new and better life styles.
Through endless change and innovation, GS will become a lifetime partner for our customers with the mission of providing complete customer satisfaction, a rewarding workplace for our employees where they can realize their dreams and ideals, and a corporate citizen for society. We will be recognized for our transparent management that generated outstanding results. We are a company that creates the highest value for our shareholders.
All employees of GS are doing their best to create that ensures an abundant future for our customers and are making GS a value No. 1 brand of love, trust and the object of everyone’s respect. GS will make the lives of everyone more valuable and abundant through creative management that keeps pace with and creates the trends of the times. We hope to continue to have your interest and support. We promise you that GS with your love and trust will grow together with you, the customer.
Moreover, GS highly regards environment value and makes constant effort to build comfort and convenient life environment.
Thank you.