GS Retail

Parnas Hotel FRESH SERVE GS Netvision GS Park 24
CEO Yeon-soo Huh
Address GS Tower, 508, Nonhyeon-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Tel. +82 2 2006 2050
CEO Yeon-soo Huh
Address GS Tower, 508, Nonhyeon-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Tel. +82 2 2006 2050


Since its incorporation in 1971, GS Retail has been leading Korea’s distribution industry by building an innovative information and logistics system. Our commitment as a distributor has always been to achieving the best quality, best prices, and best outcomes in everything we do.
GS Retail has operated a variety of platforms that lead customers' lifestyles, including:
▲GS25, Korea's representative convenience store ▲GS THE FRESH, A supermarket full of fresh and safe food, ▲GS SHOP, Korea's No.1 home shopping channel ▲GS Fresh Mall, Quick and convenient online shopping mall ▲Dalisalda, eco-friendly and organic platform ▲About Pet, 24-hour pet care platform ▲Market For, All-in-one apps from grocery shopping to home shopping ▲30-year-old global leading hotel, Parnas, etc.
GS Retail has committed to fulfilling our social responsibility. Under our 4F Values of Fair, Friendly, Fresh and Fun, we will continue to support open and fair opportunities for our partners and clients, volunteer to help out those in need in our society, and boost local economy by jointly developing and selling local products in order to ensure sustainable socio-economic growth.
As GS Retail places the highest priority in customer satisfaction, we promise to make contribution to improving people’s quality of life and build trust with our customers with unified efforts of all our employees.


  • GS Retail, Resolves to merge with GS Home Shopping
  • GS Retail, Launched an organic mall, ‘Dalisalda’
  • GS THE FRESH, Opened social contribution supermarket 'Tomorrow Store'
  • GS Retail, Launched a delivery platform business called ‘Woodil’
  • GS Retail, Launched integrated membership ‘THE POP’
  • GS SHOP, Opened logistics center at Gunpo-si
  • GS25, Achieved the largest number of convenience stores in Korea
  • GS25 Achieved 10 million accumulative downloads of 'My Own Refrigerator App'
  • Launched a new brand design of GS25 & new brand name of GS supermarket (GS THE FRESH)
  • GS25, Won the Win-win Index ‘Exellence’ (CVS industry's only for 2years in a row)
  • GS25, Opened the first store in Vietnam
  • GS25, Announced the Win-win Plan for franchisees (CVS industry's first)
  • GS25, Won the Win-win Index ‘Exellence’ (CVS industry's only)
  • GS25 signed strategic MOU for boost of O2O service with Naver
  • GS Retail signed MOU with Ministry of National Defense Outplacement Training Institute
  • GS Retail acquired shares for the Parnas Hotel
  • GS Retail signed MOU for coexistence payment system with Woori Bank
  • GS Retail signed CS WIN-WIN partnership with the Korea Meteorological Industry Promotion Agency
  • GS Retail organized Food Safety Seminar and Pledge Ceremony with partners
  • GS25 entered a collaborative partnership for “House of Protection for Women” with the City of Seoul