GS Power

GS Power Boryeong LNG Terminal Incheon Total Energy Company
CEO Cho Hyo Je
Address 100, Burim-ro, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do
Tel. +82 31 420 2590
CEO Cho Hyo Je
Address 100, Burim-ro, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do
Tel. +82 31 420 2590


GS Power was established in 2000, acquiring the combined heat and power plants of KEPCO and the district heating & cooling facilities of Korea District Heating Corporation.
Since its establishment, GS Power has continuously strived for efficient operation of the power plants and stable management of the district heating & cooling system. Due to such efforts, it has grown to become the biggest and the most profitable private enterprise in Korea.
On the other hand, GS Power proactively responds to the environmental changes at home and abroad and constantly grows bigger through business diversification into various energy-related areas.


  • Announced the Vision 2030
  • Heat supply agreement with SH corporation of the Seoul Metropolitan
  • Acquired license of Anyang combined heat and power plant #2 renewal project
  • Received the grand prize of Korea Clean Energy Company Award
  • Waste heat energy recycling ESCO project agreement with Ansan dyeing industrial complex
  • Upgraded the Gas Turbine in Anyang CHP Completed 4.8MW Fuel Cell Facilities
  • Announced the New Vision 'Clean Energy Frontier for Better Life'
  • Installed District Heating & Cooling System in Gwacheon Government Complex (ESCO Business)
  • CEO & President Son Young-Ki, the Industrial Service Medal in National Environmental Management Award
  • Environment Minister’s Award for the Best Green Company
  • Bucheon CHP, Designated as Green Company
  • Registered as the Energy Diagnosis Specialized Agency
  • President’s Award in Korea Energy Saving Promotion Competition
  • Certified for Greenhouse Gas Reduction for the First Time in Korea
  • Knowledge Economy Minister's Award for Korea District Heating & Cooling Industry
  • Prime Minister’s Award for Electric Energy
  • Excellent Workplace for Greenhouse Gas Reduction Records
  • Environmental Excellence Award
  • Established GS Power Co., Ltd.