GS EPS is an environment-friendly energy enterprise generating and supplying electricity using clean fuel such as natural gas and bio energy.

GS EPS was established in 1996 as the first independent power producer in Korea, pursuant to Korean Government Basic Plan of Independent Power Business. One of the leading power generation companies of GS Group, GS EPS operats Phase 1, 2, and 3 which are LNG-fired combined cycle power plants with the total installed capacity of 1,503MW. It also operates a 2.4MW fuel cell power plant and the Asia’s largest 100MW biomass power plant in Dangjin, Chungnam do, Korea.

In addition, GS EPS keeps extending its business. Phase 4, the 900MW of LNG Fired Combined Power Plant  is currently under construction(commercial operation in 2017).  As a result of its effort to expand renewable power resources, GS EPS operates a 30MW Wind Power Plant in Jeju and also constructed a 30MW biomass power plant in Shandong Province, China in November 2012.

GS EPS is focusing on new resources and extending capabilities on exploring new business opportunities in energy sector at domestic and abroad. With its expertise in power business, GS EPS will grow as a global competitiveness in power business.


  • Announced New Vision
  • Commercial operation of Biomass Power Plant
  • Commercial operation of Jeju Wind Power Plant
  • Ground breaking of Phase 4
  • Ground breaking of Jeju Wind Power Plant
  • Commercial operation of Phase 3
  • Ground breaking of Biomass Power Plant
  • Completed the construction of China Biomass Power Plant
  • Ground breaking of China Biomass Power Plant
  • Ground breaking of Phase 3
  • Signing ceremony of China Biomass generation Business
  • Commercial operation of the fuel cell power plant
  • Ground breaking of the fuel cell power plant
  • Commercial operation of Phase 2
  • Announced “Vision 2015”
  • Company's name changed to GS EPS
  • Ground breaking of Phase 2
  • Acquired LG Energy’s 30% interest by Oman Oil Company
  • Ground breaking of Phase 1
  • Incorporated LG Energy Co., Ltd.